DDPAI Mola N3 Pro Front & Rear View Dash Cam


DDPAI Mola N3 Pro Front & Rear View Dash Cam: Front or Inside & Rear View

Warranty : 1Year Warranty

Wi-Fi : 2.4Ghz

Frame Per Second : 30(FPS)

Processor : SigmaStar 8629Q

Memory Card Required : Class10

Storage : TF Card Storage, Maximum Support up to 128GB

G-Sensor : Built-in 3-axis Gyro Sensor, Adjustable Sensitivity via App

Resolution :
Front Camera 1600p (2560 x1600)
Rear Camera 1080p (1920 x 1080)

Front Camera 140° (Counting From The Lens)
Rear Camera 125° (Counting From The Lens)

Lens :
Front 5 Optical Lens Infrared IR, F1.8 Aperture
Rear 5 Optical Lens Infrared IR, F2.0 Aperture

Captures Full Driving Statistics

  • Vehicle Speed, Average Speed, Maximum Speed

  • Compass, G-Force, Current Elevation from Sea Level

  • Trip Driving Mileage/Distance Covered and Total Trip Duration

    Wide Dynamic Range Function
    WDR technology can adjust exposure balance, enabling the camera to pick up greater detail in darkness and highlights. You can still capture high quality image in extremely high/low light conditions.

    Loop Recording Function
    Loop recording will be started immediately after ignition. Oldest data is overwritten automatically by new data when memory is full. So, no hassle to format SD card again and again when it is full.

    Super Capacitor Instead of Lithium Battery
    Built-in Super capacitor provides higher durability and temperature resistance. With temperature range from -25 ⁰C to 85 ⁰C, it is suitable for any weather conditions, extreme hot or extreme cold. This makes it more suitable for Indian hot climatic conditions and also achieve continuous parking monitoring.

    Built-in High Precision GPS - See Full Driving Route Taken
    DDPAI N3 has built-in GPS which accurately records your driving location and speed. You can view your driving route and speed using the DDPAI App once the vehicle is back from the trip. Please note that this data can only be synchronized when you are in your car, you cannot view the location of car remotely.

    Advanced GPS Data Analytics
    Supports advanced GPS data analytics and gives full details of driving behavior like rapid acceleration, hard braking, sudden turn etc. You can easily monitor your driver's activities when he is out with your car alone and returns back. Please note that this data can only be synchronized when you are in your car, you cannot view the location of car remotely.

    1600P Resolution, 16:10 Aspect Ratio with H.265 Encoding
    Mola N3 has 2560x1600p (WQXGA) International standard HD resolution with HiSilicon flagship dual-core Cortex A17+Cortex A7 processor and OmniVision flagship 05A10 image sensor . The 16:10 video playback ratio is more in line with mainstream widescreen viewing, and the scenery and portrait are more natural.

    Super Clear Night Vision - Same Sensor as in Flagship Mini 3
    In-depth customization technology innovations against OV05A10 image sensor and F1.8 Aperture of the lens, greatly improves the image processing ability at night. Licence Plate, pedestrians and other objects can be seen clearly seen even in low light condition which helps in collecting accurate evidence at the accident scene.

    Sharp Videos for Easier Readability of Number Plates
    Mola N3 has 5 MP CMOS sensor with 6 sets of full-glass lens due to which it can capture sharp videos at 1600P ultra HD resolution. During hot summers, ordinary dashcams with plastic lens (advertised as 2P, 3P, 2P 3G lens) start producing blurred images whereas N3 with all glass arrangement can continue to produce sharp videos not matter how hot the weather may be. This allows better readability of number plates in the front of the vehicle.

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