DDPAI Z40 3K Front & Back View Dash Cam


DDPAI Z40 Dual Front & Back View Dash Cam: Front & Rear View (nonGPS or GPS Version)

Warranty : 1Year Warranty

Wi-Fi : 2.4Ghz

Frame Per Second : 30(FPS)

Image Sensor : Sony IMX335

Processor : SigmaStar 8629Q

Memory Card Required : Class10

Resolution :
Front Camera 1944P (2592 x 1944)
Rear Camera 1080p (1920 x 1080)

Front Camera 140° (Counting From The Lens)
Rear Camera 125° (Counting From The Lens)

Lens :
Front 6 Optical Lens & One Infrared IR, F1.8 Aperture
Rear 5 Optical Lens, F2.0 Aperture

G-Sensor : Built-in 3-axis Gyro Sensor, Built-in GPS(Optional)

Storage : Mirco SD Card Storage, Maximum Support up to 128G

1944P Ultra High Resolution
2592x1944P resolution with 5 million pixels delivers clearer and sharper images. On basis of Sony IMX 335 sensor, video quality is significantly enhanced, even in low-light conditions, with little-to-no over-exposure across the image. Discover a world rich in detail with high resolution and sharp out-lines. The crystal clear video makes it easy to see even the tiniest details.

Loop Recording
Ensures stable storage.Loop recording is started synchronously with the car. Previous videos will be automatically overwritten once the SD card is full, freeing you from manual deletion.

D²save Dual-channel Storage
Develop D²save storage technology exclusively to ensure emergency events are saved even when TF card has failed. Make sure every second video recorded and you can back up videos with peace of mind.

Emergency Recording
The built-in G-sensor gets activated by sudden shock or collision, the camera will automatically record driving incidents and lock 10s video as important evidence for insurance claims in a separate folder. Never worry about loop recording that will cover incident videos.

Sense Reality 2.0
Combined with built-in GPS, G-sensor and a 3-axis gyro, SR(sense reality) effect allows you to make cool racing videos, turning your driving travel into race that immerses your mind, body and soul in every action. Stop feel bored and get more exciting during driving right now!

Exclusive Realcube Image Technology
Custom algorithm models combines with exclusive Realcube hyper-realistic color image technology developed by DDPAI can capture every frame with better pixel arrangement and higher brightness, accurate colour and better picture quality.

Front and Rear Recording
The 1944P front cameras simultaneously capture the road front and rear in crystal details, provid- ing different perspectives and all-round protection for you.The 1080P rear camera can rotate 360° and be installed in the front of the car to capture your beautiful selfies or record precious memories in the car.

24h Parking Protector
24 hours continuous parking monitoring. Records evidence when vehicle is left unattended. Time Lapse Recording at 1 FPS in parking mode to ensure long duration recording of videos. You can also set to record in normal mode video or turn off parking mode by just changing settings on the app as well.

Built-in GPS
DDPAI Z40 has built-in GPS which accurately records your driving location and speed. You can view your driving route and speed using the DDPAI App once the vehicle is back from the trip. Please note that this data can only be synchronized when you are in your car, you cannot view the location of car remotely.

Super Capacitor
Powered by a supercapacitor instead of a lithium battery, Built-in Super capacitor provides higher durability and temperature resistance. With temperature range from -25 ⁰C to 85 ⁰C, it is suitable for any weather conditions, extreme hot or extreme cold. This makes it more suitable for Indian hot climatic conditions and also achieve continuous parking monitoring.

Exquisite Design
Z40 breaks the traditional styling design and adopts a square-round style to represent innovation. 2'' IPS screen, further enhancing display brightness and clarity, supports video preview and critical data overview. Combined with the compact and discreet size, Z40 doesn't block your view on windshield—concise and clean, modern aesthetic style and modular design. The aesthetic quality of a Z40 is integral to its usefulness.

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​​​​​​​* Firmware upgrade and dash cam setting are available on APP

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