DDPAI Z50 4K Front & Rear View DVR Dash Cam


DDPAI Z50 Dual: Front & Rear View

Warranty : 1Year Warranty

Processor : RK116

Frame Per Second : 30(FPS)

Resolution :
Front Camera 2160p (3840 x 2160)
Rear Camera 1080p (1920 x 1080)

Front Camera 140° (Counting From The Lens)
Rear Camera 125° (Counting From The Lens)

Image Sensor : Sony IMX415

Lens :
Front 7 Optical Lens and Infrared IR, F1.75 Aperture
Rear 5 Optical Lens, F2.0 Aperture

G-Sensor : Built-in 3-axis Gyro Sensor, Built-in GPS

Storage : Mirco SD Card Storage, Maximum Support up to 128GB

Card Required : Class10

Wi-Fi : 2.4Ghz

Colour: BLACK

DDPAI Z50 Front & Rear Dash Cam Features

4K Ultra-Clear Image Quality
Double the clarity, wonderful everywhere. Equipped with a brand new 1/2.7 inch CMOS image sensor, it brings ultra-clear image quality with 3840 x 2160p resolution, The 135 large wide-angle lens can easily shoot multi-lane images, and it is very exciting to shoot everywhere.

Realcube Image Technology
Color reproduction, true presentation. Built-in environmental adaptive image algorithm, comprehensively improve the color perception of the image, to ensure that the real color picture is naturally presented in different scenes, bringing the image effect of a natural mouse.

Micro-photosensitive Night Vision
Both light and dark, stabilize the night. Thanks to the blessing of 7 sets of high-transmittance spherical lenses and a large aperture of F1.75 for the main camera lens, effectively providing sufficient light intake, Machimachi takes NightVIS Night Drop technology to help secretly, shoot in a low light environment. It can also retain more picture details.

D2save emergency Dual Storage 
Stable improvement, a record of peace of mind. When the system detects an abnormality in the memory card, it automatically switch NAND Flash storage, and repair damaged files when the memory card returns to normal. Excellent storage performance gives you peace of mind.

Built-in GPS 
Accurately record the driving condition of the vehicle. Relying on a high-precision GPS module, the car speed, time, and driving status information are recorded to achieve real-time preview of the SR screen; The location of the vehicle can also be displayed through the AGPS integration, which helps to provide more vehicle status information when the trajectory is queried.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)
Say goodbye to the car and urge the car to go. Based on the information of the car in front captured by the front lens, the driving status of the car in front is accurately identified. For the owner who is waiting for the traffic light, the driving status of the car in front is accurately identified, it can be prompted by a voice to avoid the embarrassment of being urged by the whistle of the rear car.

Visual Parking Monitoring
Parking is safe and can be protected in all directions. After the vehicle is turned off, the recorder automatically enters the surveillance video mode and automatically records if there is an abnormal collision. Three-low protection and visual battery management technology, no need to worry about battery loss, significantly improve battery health.

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