DDPAI 24Hour Hardwire Kit [Type C]


DDPAI 24Hour Hardwire Kit: Output: DC 5V 1A

Input: DC 12 - 24V

Cable length: 3.5 meter

Connector type: Type C

IPS voltage protection: 11.8V/ 12V/ 12.4V

Suitable for Model: Z50 / Z40 / Mini5 / N1 Dual / Mola N3 Pro

【 IPS Power Management 】
Over Load Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Over Current Protection

Reverse Connection Protection

Low Voltage Protection (cut power supply to dashcam in order to the protect car battery effectively)

DDPAI 24h Hardwire Kit Features
  1. IPS Intelligent Hardwire Kit
  2. Intelligent recognition of vehicle status, better 24-hour parking monitoring
  3. 5-layer safety protection, for safe driving
  4. No break-in installation, safer and more reliable
  5. Standard multiple types of fuse tap, fit for multiple models of car
  6. High-fire-retardant material, thick wire, high-and low-temperature resistant, more stable

This product is to draw power from the car battery through the car's fuse box and supply it to dashcam. With continuous supply of power and time lapse technology, it achieves safe and reliable parking monitoring.

This DDPAI Type-C Hardwire Kit Enables Parking Mode on the
DDPAI Mola N3 Pro/Mini5/Z40 or Z50 DashCam meet the applications for the 24Hrs Parking Motion Function.

This Device is the only Hardwire Device Compatible with the
DDPAI Mola N3 Pro/Mini5/Z40 or Z50 DashCam (Voltage between 12-24V).

24 Hours Parking Motion Surveillance: The vehicle hard-wire kit connected to car battery or fuse box power, can uninterruptedly supply power for dash camera about 24 hours. It come with Low voltage protection and automatic power off function.

High Secure Standards: The Type-C hardwire kit with built-in precise switching power supply module can transform12V(24V) to 5V. The built-in safeguards protect your devices against excessive current, overheating.

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