JBL BassPro Go In-vehicle Powered Subwoofer & Full Range Portable Bluetooth Speaker


JBL BassPro Go In-vehicle Powered Subwoofer & Full Range Portable Bluetooth Speaker: 1 Year Warranty

Fuse Rating: 15A

Bluetooth Version 4.2

USB 2.0 Charging: 5V (2.1A)

Bass Boost: 0dB to +6dB @ 45Hz

Input Sensitivity, Hi-Level: 1V to 15V

Input Sensitivity, Lo-Level: 400mV to 6V

Battery Type: NiMH, 10.8V/3000mAH

Amplifier Power, Subwoofer Mode: 100Wrms

Frequency Response: 40Hz to 20kHz @ -3dB

Max Power, Subwoofer Mode: 200W peak

Selectable Lo-Pass Filter, Subwoofer Mode:

Engineered for the ultimate sound experience
JBL BassPro Go is a powered subwoofer designed to easily mount & charge in any vehicle, augmenting the output of full-range speakers at the lowest frequencies, with quick disconnect features to become a portable Bluetooth speaker and keep the party on the go. With convenient and easy to use controls in or out of the vehicle, BassPro Go allows you to dial-in your music exactly the way you want to hear it. It also has a convenient safety cover to help protect the speaker when used out of the vehicle and to provide an IPx5 marine rating.

Enjoy your music wherever you are with the JBL BassPro Go. This multi-functional speaker is the first car subwoofer that can also be used as a portable bluetooth speaker.

Inside your car you are assured of the best bass sound and as soon as you arrive at your destination you can disconnect it in no time (no tools required) to take your favourite music wherever you go!

Wireless Bluetooth® Streaming
Stream music with any Bluetooth enabled device outside of the vehicle, with up to 38m outdoor range / 10m indoor range.

JBL Connect
Connect up to 3 devices for social mode music sharing and wirelessly connect two BassPro Go speakers together for simultaneous audio playback.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery & USB Charging
Built-in rechargeable NiMH battery, with up to 8 hours of wireless music playback, also allows you to keep your mobile devices powered while you are on the go.

Harman Standard Reliability Testing
JBL speakers have to undergo a testing process that would destroy lesser speakers. JBL freezes them, bakes them, shakes them, and drives them at full power for days at a time.

Surprising Sound
Adjustable audio settings to maximize the bass performance in-vehicle, with ability to balance the sound performance and battery life out of vehicle, JBL has created a product even your mother would be proud of.

IPx5 Rated as a Portable Bluetooth® Speaker
IPx5 water resistant portable speaker for use outside of the vehicle, with chemical resistance to protect the speaker from harsh environments, all help to keep the speaker from collecting dirt & grime while also making it easy to clean.

JBL Industrial Design
At JBL, we take pride in our iconic design heritage. Our design team took great care to ensure that your JBL BassPro Go will look great in your car or on-the-go. The smooth curve of the enclosure body, angular grille face design with embedded JBL horn logo, all tie together with our classic, current and future design language while concentrating on the design of your lifestyle.

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