DDPAI Mini Pro Front View Dash Cam


DDPAI Mini Pro Front View Dash Cam: Front View Only

Warranty : 1Year Warranty

Wi-Fi : 2.4Ghz

Processor : HISILICON

Frame Per Second : 25(FPS)

Assembly Mode : Portable Recorder

Memory Card Required : Class 10

G-Sensor : Built-in 3-axis Gyro Sensor

Resolution : Front Camera 1296p (2304 x 1296)

FOV : Front Camera 140° (Counting From The Lens)

Lens : Front 5 Sets Optical Lens, F2.0 Aperture

Storage : Mirco SD Card Storage, Maximum Support up to 128GB

1296P UHD Resolution
DDPAI MINI Pro comes with a high-performance 1/2.9" CMOS image sensor that empowers 2304×1296 high resolution and a 140° wide-angle lens that provides a wider vision for you.

Rotatable lens
Enables recording the conditions in and outside the car.
The 330-degree rotatable lens allows you to record the beautiful scenery outside the car window and take selfies in the car.

Super Clear Night Vision
The main camera with 5 sets of HD optical lenses and a F2.0 large aperture improves lighting, making it easy to record road conditions and other details even at night.

Loop Recording
​​​​​​​Ensures stable storage. Loop recording is started synchronously with the car. Previous videos will be automatically overwritten once the SD card is full, freeing you from manual deletion.

Emergency Lock
​​​​​​​DDPAI MINI Pro will take photos and record videos once its built-in gravity sensor detects an emergency braking or collision, and automatically store them to a separate space to prevent them from being overwritten by daily videos, facilitating download for evidence collection at any time.

24/7 Parking Monitoring Safeguards Your Car After Parking
DDPAI MINI Pro will automatically turn on the Sentry mode and record in case of any abnormal collisions.
*To use this feature, you need to purchase a DDPAI voltage reduction cable separately.

Super Capacitor
Warrants safe and durable use.
The built-in supercapacitor features high-temperature resistance and long service life, benefiting environmental protection and avoiding safety hazards caused by high temperature in the car.

App Control
Achieves one-tap clipping and sharing.
By connecting DDPAI MINI Pro to the DDPAI app, you can enjoy the features such as real-time preview, playback & download, and post-production, and share your photos/videos with car owners online.

Sharp Videos for Easier Readability of Number Plates
DDPAI Mini can capture sharp videos at 1296P Ultra HD resolution. During hot summers, ordinary dashcams with plastic lens (advertised as 2P, 3P, 2P 3G lens) start producing blurred images whereas Mini with all glass arrangement can continue to produce sharp videos not matter how hot the weather may be.

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