ALPINE R-Series R2-S65 (Hi-Res) 6.5" 2-Way Coaxial Speaker


ALPINE R-Series R2-S65 (Hi-Res) 6.5" 2-Way Coaxial Speaker: 1 Year Warranty

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Sensitivity: 88dB SPL

Power Handling: 100Wrms,300WPeak

Frequency Response: 65Hz - 40kHz (Hi-Res Audio Certified)

R-Series Component and Coaxial Speakers
If you play your music loud and want others to know, the R-Series speakers are the match for you. You’ll enjoy a center sound stage with speakers that play loud and clear without distortion. The R-Series speakers are tuned with an emphasis on the high- and low-end frequencies, so they deliver power while naturally producing bright, active sound. They are the perfect power and performance match for the R-Series subwoofers and amplifiers.

The New line-up of R-Series speakers are all Hi-Res Audio certified and feature a frequency response up to 40kHz. For the first time, the R-Series line includes a 3-way system and you can even choose from a Professional and Standard speaker line.

2-Way Coaxial Speaker
• The R2-S65 is the 2-Way Coax model of the new 2022 R-Series speaker line-up. It features a 16.5cm door woofer as well as an integrated tweeter with up to 40kHz frequency response.

Glass-Fiber Reinforced Cone
• The door woofer features an all-new glass-fiber reinforced cone. This material is very stiff and extremely light-weight, resulting in a super-fast response and highly accurate music reproduction.

Composite Basket and Large Magnets
• The standard models (R2-S69C, R2–S65, R2-S69C and R2-S69) feature composite baskets (in comparison to the Aluminum die-cast baskets of the PRO models) – which makes them more affordable. They fit larger magnets than in previous generations (while maintaining the same mounting depth).

Hi-Res Audio Certified Hard Dome Tweeter
• The all-new magnesium hard-dome tweeters deliver clear, detailed music reproduction and play up to 40kHz (Hi-Res Audio). You have the option to flush-mount them in their threaded housing (for example in a door panel) or use the included on-dash mounts. The tweeters can be swivelled in their housing to point them right at the sweet-spot.

HAMR Surround
• Alpine’s HAMR Surround (High-Amplitude Multi-Roll) allows for a maximum cone excursion, while maintaining excellent control. This results in strong bass at high volumes without distortion.

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